Embroidery is an elegant and stylish way to decorate or personalize any garment or embroidery friendly item. Embroidered apparel is a very effective way to advertise or promote your business, school or club. Embroidery can be done for anything from sports teams and businesses to personalized clothing & gifts. The Print Doctor uses the latest software, professional embroidery machines and has a huge range of stock artwork which we can adapt to suit your needs, or we can embroider your own logo/artwork. To ensure products are of the highest quality, The Print Doctor charges a standard one-time digitizing fee to convert your original designs for embroidery.

Embroidery SurreyOne-Time Digitizing Fee

You are charged a conversion fee for each embroidery stitch file we create. Digital embroidery stitch files are created with specific dimensions, so when a design is converted, it will convert at the submitted size. For example, if you were to submit the same design at 3″ x 3″, 2″ x 2″, and 1″ x 1″, that would require three conversions and three fees.

The process of conversion, commonly referred to as digitizing, translates the pixels in your image into an embroidery file format, which contains the color and stitching information required to guide an automated embroidery machine. Our trained embroidery professionals perform this conversion for you.

When you upload your design, our staff will provide an estimate of the number of stitches required, as well as the estimated cost of conversion at the specified size. The minimum digitizing fee for a hat or left chest logo is $35.00.

Some ways to reduce the cost of your Digitizing fee include:

  • Use the smallest size possible
  • Crop the design in your image as closely as possible
  • Use simple, thick lines and block colors

There are three ways you can avoid the Digitizing fee:

  • Create text-only products.  Designs created entirely from font database.
  • Use existing .DST files.  If you have designs which have already been converted to the .DST embroidery file format, you may upload them and use them for your products at no additional fee. Please note, we are not responsible for the quality of embroidery for customer supplied digitized files.
  • Purchase an existing embroidery product from The Print Doctor’s library.  Embroidery products in the Doctor’s library have already been converted.  Many of them can be customized with your own text. Our library is too extensive to list online, so please contact the Doctor and we will email you ideas and options!

The Print Doctor Embroidery Fonts

Use the above fonts and avoid the Digitizing fee! For additional fonts, contact the Doctor!

Print Sizes and Locations:

Left Chest – Standard for corporate apparel. Usually the design is no bigger than 4″ x 4″.
Full Front – Print Size usually under 11″ wide in the center of the chest
Full Back – Print Size usually 11″ wide in the center of the back
Tag Print – Top back print
Left Sleeve
Right Sleeve

The Print Doctor Direct To Garment Print Sample


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