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Screen printing is the most commonly used method of decorating garments today. The Print Doctor uses plastisol & water based inks to produce vibrant prints.  Plastisol is a plastic based ink that bonds with the fibers of the garment. A properly cured screen printed garment will last a lifetime. Dark garments may require an underbase to achieve the bright colour(s) desired. If an underbase is needed an additional screen charge and print charge will be added.

Screen printing requires several steps to achieve an optimal result. Therefore, screen printing has a minimal order of 12 units and is most economical for larger quantity orders. For orders of lower quantity Direct-to-Garment will be the method of choice.


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The maximum image size for our standard screen printing is 15” wide by 18” high; this is a huge print area! (Most standard prints are a max of 12” wide). If you require a larger print or a specialty print we can accommodate your needs, see information below!

Specialty Screen Printing


Foil printing is a two part process that involves printing a layer of adhesive on the garment, curing it like normal ink and heat pressing a sheet of foil onto the adhesive. The foil will stick to the adhesive only, leaving a metallic look to the design.

We have a wide variety of colours available.

  • Gold, Silver, Green, Bronze, Black, Red, Blue, Pink, Rainbow, Iridescent, Purple, and many more!
  • Order Minimum of 48 units, same print.

Oversized (19″W x 27″H)

Giving you the ability to go as big as you want! Oversized (also known as jumbo t-shirt printing) and all over printing are the solutions. Oversized prints give you the ability to print on large items or cover small ones. We offer a max print size of 19” by 27”.

When ordering oversized jobs, it is important to note that large prints will sometimes go over the seams and that ink sometimes becomes “globby” and “spotty” in these areas. Designs should try and avoid large deposits of ink.

  • Order Minimum of 48 units, same print.

All-Over (36″W x 42″H)

All-Over Printing is the hottest trend in fashion today, and only offered by a limited number of companies do to the level of difficulty and equipment required.  All over printing is a relatively new process to the screen printing industry and depending on the design, prints can be 1 or 2 colours.

With our all-over printing, you are able to print the entire surface of the garment. Although quality is our top concern, folds and smudges are things that are considered normal in places like the armpit and over seams. Therefore, when designing for all-over printing, try to avoid large deposits of ink.

  • Order Minimum of 48 units, same print.

Specialty Inks:

  • Glitter
  • Glow in the Dark
  • Metallic
  • Shimmer
  • Puff

Print Sizes and Locations:

Left Chest – Standard for corporate apparel.  Usually the design is no bigger than 4″ x 4″.
Full Front – Print Size usually under 11″ wide in the center of the chest
Full Back – Print Size usually 11″ wide in the center of the back
Tag Print – Top back print
Left Sleeve
Right Sleeve
Oversized print: A print that is larger than 15” W x 18” H, to a maximum of 19” H x 27” H.
All Over print:  A print covering the majority of the garment.

The Print Doctor Direct To Garmenr Print Sample

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